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Help With Stategraphs!

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need help with stategraphs, the creature of the mod does not want to turn.I don't know what name to put in spriter to fix. here's the code:

require("stategraphs/commonstates")local states={    State{        name = "idle",        tags = {"idle"},        onenter = function(inst, playanim)            inst.AnimState:PlayAnimation("idle")        end,    },        State{        name = "attack",        tags = {"attack", "canrotate"},                onenter = function(inst)            inst.components.combat:StartAttack()            inst.Physics:Stop()            inst.AnimState:PlayAnimation("atk")        end,                timeline=        {            TimeEvent(20*FRAMES, function(inst) inst.components.combat:DoAttack() inst.sg:RemoveStateTag("attack") inst.sg:RemoveStateTag("busy") end),        },                events=        {            EventHandler("animqueueover", function(inst) inst.sg:GoToState("idle") end),        },    },State{        name = "death",        tags = {"busy"},                onenter = function(inst)            inst.AnimState:PlayAnimation("dead")            inst.Physics:Stop()            RemovePhysicsColliders(inst)                        inst.components.lootdropper:DropLoot(Vector3(inst.Transform:GetWorldPosition()))                    end,            },     State{        name = "hit",        tags = {"busy"},        onenter = function(inst)            inst.AnimState:PlayAnimation("hit")            inst.Physics:Stop()        end,        events=        {            EventHandler("animover", function(inst) inst.sg:GoToState("idle") end ),        },    },}local event_handlers={EventHandler("death", function(inst) inst.sg:GoToState("death") end),    EventHandler("doattack", function(inst) if inst.components.health:GetPercent() > 0 and not inst.sg:HasStateTag("busy") then inst.sg:GoToState("attack") end end),}return StateGraph("SGmimic", states, event_handlers, "idle", {})

Sorry for my bad english, i am from brazil. used google translate.

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