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Where is my Chester? [Theory]

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As I understand it, the Don't Starve system is using a load order with priorities given to certain things, for example if a flower was generated into the world and then something with a higher priority (like the Eyebone) was generated after or before that, the flower would dissapear. Now I haven't looked into the code to see if that is actually how the land is generated but since it's that way with alot of sandbox games (Like Minecraft) I assume it's the same thing here. 


So imagine if the world randomly generated the Eyebone somewhere on the map and then, the game randomly tried to generate Maxwell's door or something with a higher priority than the Eyebone (I assume not many things have that.) This is highly unlikely to happen, but if it did, the piece with the higher priority would take the Eyebone's place which would be deleted, leaving you in a chesterless world.


Crazy, I know, but sometimes these ideas just sprout in my mind and I can't stop thinking about them maybe all these people complaining about not finding Chester were partially right... Making us the idiots for not listening to them.

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Certainly seems like a possibility with sandbox-type randomly-generated-world games, but also they usually realize this an set conditions so that it can't happen. This or that thing can't spawn within a certain distance of this or that other thing, you know, that type of condition.


Dunno if they do have something like that or not, though, so it's still possible.

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