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When the fusion will come ...

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Hi everyone.


Don't Starve Together is introducing new mechanisms of gameplay but will it be implemented in the vanilla game ? For example, the Telltale Heart only find a place in the multiplayer so no problem for that. But what about the Ewecus, what about the meteors rain, what about the changes for Wendy and Willow ? 


Maybe it's a bit too early but I would like to know what could happen at the release: will the new content be exclusive to DST or will it be (for the most part) available in the solo mode (maybe by ticking a box like RoG) ?


Thank you for any response, and thank you to the devs for making this new expansion a new awesome journey.


P.S.: when can we hope to see Woodie in DST  :love-struck:  ? 

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I have no idea. Klei I think said it somewhere that they'd add some of the DST things into DS (which may not be true now, since we know how different DS is from DST). As for Woodie, he needs lots of reworking for DST since his' "night vision" was  basically lighting up the entire world which is one main reason why he's taking so long. As for if he comes, yes, he's on the way most likely.

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