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In-game tabbed/organized mods

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I like to play with mods, but I don't like to have to scroll through and look for specific mods to turn on/off with a long list of experimental mods.


I'd like to be able to organize them into tabs or groups that can be minimized, that way I can separate out character mods, utility mods, mods I think should be always on and experimental mods that I don't want to use in certain worlds.


Also an ability to load/unload mod sets based on the world or server you're loading would be very nice.


This is a Don't Starve base game suggestion as well, but as Klei is currently working on DST I decided to put it here.

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This would be so incredibly helpful...


Granted, there are a few ways you can kind of do this at the moment. For example, using modsettings.lua to force-enable the mods you want to always be on. But it's not very user-friendly.

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