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Is it possible to overwrite the recipe of another mod?

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I tried to use this.


local recipe_ctor_base = Recipe._ctor
function Recipe._ctor(self, name, ingredients, tab, level, placer, min_spacing, nounlock, numtogive)
   recipe_ctor_base(self, name, ingredients, tab, level, placer, min_spacing, nounlock, numtogive)
   if(name == "bloodSword") then
     self.atlas         = resolvefilepath("images/inventoryimages/bloodsword.xml")
     self.image         = "bloodsword.tex"

local bloodSword = GLOBAL.Recipe("bloodSword",
    Ingredient("nightmarefuel", 1),
    Ingredient("pigskin", 1),
    CUSTOM_RECIPETABS.VAMPIRIC, TECH.NONE, nil, nil, nil, nil, serasV
bloodSword.atlas = resolvefilepath("images/inventoryimages/bloodsword.xml")



and it didn't work.

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@afetogbo, Tabs are a nightmare right now.


I think you can just redo the recipe as if you're making a new one, since they're attached to the AllRecipes table indexed by name, so if it's the same prefab it'll have the same name, and overwrite that entry in the table.

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when i tried that it gave me two exact copies of the tab.


I am just going to put all the recipes in a custom tab. and since I am borrowing code i used if hastag "character" and i hope everyone has that.

AddClassPostConstruct("widgets/crafttabs", function(class)    if class.owner:HasTag("character") then        local v = CUSTOM_RECIPETABS.AFETOPIA        local k = #class.tab_order + 1        local tab_bg =        {            normal = "tab_normal.tex",            selected = "tab_selected.tex",            highlight = "tab_highlight.tex",            bufferedhighlight = "tab_place.tex",            overlay = "tab_researchable.tex",        }                class.tabs.spacing = 750/k        local tab = class.tabs:AddTab(STRINGS.TABS[v.str], resolvefilepath("images/hud.xml"), v.icon_atlas or resolvefilepath("images/hud.xml"), v.icon, tab_bg.normal, tab_bg.selected, tab_bg.highlight, tab_bg.bufferedhighlight, tab_bg.overlay,                    function() --select fn                if not class.controllercraftingopen then                                    if class.craft_idx_by_tab[k] then                        class.crafting.idx = class.craft_idx_by_tab[k]                    end                                        class.crafting:SetFilter(                        function(recipe)                            local rec = GLOBAL.AllRecipes[recipe]                            return rec and rec.tab == v                        end)                    class.crafting:Open()                end            end,                        function() --deselect fn                class.craft_idx_by_tab[k] = class.crafting.idx                class.crafting:Close()            end)        tab.filter = v        tab.icon = v.icon        tab.icon_atlas = v.icon_atlas or resolvefilepath("images/hud.xml")        tab.tabname = STRINGS.TABS[v.str]        class.tabbyfilter[v] = tab                table.insert(class.tab_order, tab)        end    end)

so if you haven't guessed I am working on a custom all recipes in one mod mod for my server. no one is downloading the files to play on my server so I have to make it downloadable from the workshop :(


And well I hope they can download it even if it is hidden because I don't think I can get all those authors to agree to let me post it in a timely manner.

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@afetogbo, Yes, tabs would copy, but recipes will replace. Since you're trying to make a bundle, you can throw compatibility concerns out the window, I suppose, and just replace widgets/crafttabs.lua. It'd be a lot easier to add tabs that way. You can just add extra parts like Wickerbottom's bookbuilder tab:

    local tabnames = {}    for k,v in pairs(RECIPETABS) do        table.insert(tabnames, v)    end    if owner:HasTag("bookbuilder") then        table.insert(tabnames, CUSTOM_RECIPETABS.BOOKS)    end

(by replace, I mean make the folder scripts/widgets in a mod, copy crafttabs.lua from the game into that, and then edit it)


Edit: And then just comment out the tab-creation code in the other mods

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