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About snapshot functions of dedicated server

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I really need your guidance and helps about dedicated server snapshots..


I mean, i've already seen the wiki's guide suggested as:





Snapshots allow you to full roll back a server to an older state.  This feature is pretty new and has been observed to cause problems on some servers.  I have been disabling this on most of my servers right now.


from http://dont-starve-g...dicated_Servers



But the guide only indicates that there is only an option to turn the snapshot function on and off, but not how to use it correctly.


So can you guys explain me how to use the snapshots?


Maybe I should use them from the Document/Klei/configurationdir/save manually..


But don't know how to exactly..



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Shouldn't you post this here?



I thought the issue about snapshot for dedicated server could be a feedback since there was not a single guideline to manage it.



@NAZJACKSON, I might be mistaken, but I don't think there is a way to access the snapshots on dedicated servers yet.


Some clever guy tipped me that there is 'snapshot' folder in save/session/******/ in the configuration directory.


 So I found the snapshot files and copy those 'session' and 'survival_1' to the server/save/ location.


The rollback seems like successful.


But there was a problem. 


Once after I played  a bit, I turned off the server and on again, then I found my character was in the same location and had still same items as the rollback.


After restarting several times, sometimes server saves my location and items correctly but sometimes doesn't. and the time and minimap saves seem like working tho. I can't find what is wrong with this.


I'm using steam GUI version of DST dedicated server and i put 'conf_dir' options to the dedicated server tool and the game itself differently.


Any other suggestions?

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