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I really need your guidance and helps about dedicated server snapshots..


I mean, i've already seen the wiki's guide suggested as:




Snapshots allow you to full roll back a server to an older state.  This feature is pretty new and has been observed to cause problems on some servers.  I have been disabling this on most of my servers right now.


from http://dont-starve-game.wikia.com/wiki/Don%E2%80%99t_Starve_Together_Dedicated_Servers



But the guide only indicates that there is only an option to turn the snapshot function on and off, but not how to use it correctly.


So can you guys explain me how to use the snapshots?


Maybe I should use them from the Document/Klei/configurationdir/save manually..


But don't know how to exactly..



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I think it just saves the map and statistical players every 3 days on the map


you can find snapshots on your server here:



example with my snapshots:

i have snapshots with name 1422662224-12


when i open this file i have:

"session" and "survival_1"


just put "session" and "survival_1" on your server here:

Klei/DoNotStarveTogether/save (depends of your OS)


and restart your server


before this manipulation it might be to backup all files before using the snpashot


unfortunately this is only my idea to help you,

maybe someone already try to or better opinion on the subject than me

I hope to have you help

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Ok seems like promising.

I have 3 configuration directories in \Documents\Klei folder.

DoNotStarveTogether - the original folder when i was playing a listen server (host server)

Dedicatedserverfolder - It's the one i made based on the -conf_dir command to make its own server and client saves

Clientserverfolder - It's a client save folder contains client save information would be needed when i join my dedicated server as a client.

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So I found the snapshot files and copy those 'session' and 'survival_1' to the server/save/ location.


The rollback seems like successful.


But there was a problem. 


Once after I played  a bit, I turned off the server and on again, then I found my character was in the same location and had still same items as the rollback.


After restarting several times, sometimes server saves my location and items correctly but sometimes doesn't. and the time and minimap saves seem like working tho. I can't find what is wrong with this.


I'm using steam GUI version of DST dedicated server and i put 'conf_dir' options to the dedicated server tool and the game itself differently.


Any other suggestions?

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Hi Nazjackson,


sorry unfortunately I do not know more

I have not been able to test snapshots in its entirety

for now I believe that the developers as suggestion to don't use snapshots now,

maybe because some problem with performance on server dedicated

I think we should wait for the developers as work on snapshots

sorry if i can not help you more than that

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  • Developer

Hey guys, we are almost ready to roll out our new and improved snapshot system. At that time, we will be ready to fully enable and support rollbacks. Thank you for being patient until then =)

In the new system, snapshot saving will no longer have any performance impact on top of regular autosaving. Also, rollbacks and autosave recovery will be much smarter at keeping user saves in sync, as well as preventing items from being lost or duplicated.

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