[Graphics] - Game in Slow Motion

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Bug Submission:

Category: Graphics

Platform: Mac

Issue Title: Game in Slow Motion

Issue Description: I've just buyer you game.

Seems rot be a Great games and all was fine for the first minutes, then all goes very slow, slow, slow.

All the game after few minutes ( from 5 to 20 minutes ) start to go very slow, like in slow motion.

I've tried some different graphic setup, but it's the same.

I've a MacBook Pro 15" second Half 2010 ( Gb Ram, 510 Gb HD.

Steps to Reproduce: After very few minutes the game goes like in slow motion.

Sometimes, when a new room was discovered, sometimes when something new happened.

Only few minutes before the game go very fast and it's a pleasure to play.

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Interesting. I have a MacbookPro from 2010 too, and experienced the same problem:




The only thinkg that seems to work is removing settings.lua and forcing the game to regenerate it, but constantly having to do it is inconvenient. I do hope someone gets a look at this soon.

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