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I thought I'd share some retouched diorama things that Klei gave us and some more.

It's mainly just 2D higher definition flowers, mushrooms and such, but also an evil beefalo :D


Use it for anything - for your art.


And have a blast if you decide to print and cut out the flowers!


I'll probably do some more like sciece machine, tentacle, lake and frog if there's some time.












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Hi again,


here is some more stuff in high resolution for print/whatever you can use it for :-)









I've also made a nice wallpaper along the way that you might like. 1920x1080





There's likely some image size cap on forum, so if anyone wants the wallpaper in original resolution, it's here: http://elvisjl.sweb.cz/Night_1920x1080.jpg

Also if anyone is interested in original size of diorama pieces I made, write me a PM and I can send you a JPG/PSD.



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