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  1. More Diorama pieces!

    And thanks for the likes, the diorama with additions is starting to look nice... can't wait till I make some pictures with printed background
  2. More Diorama pieces!

    Hi again, here is some more stuff in high resolution for print/whatever you can use it for I've also made a nice wallpaper along the way that you might like. 1920x1080 There's likely some image size cap on forum, so if anyone wants the wallpaper in original resolution, it's here: http://elvisjl.sweb.cz/Night_1920x1080.jpg Also if anyone is interested in original size of diorama pieces I made, write me a PM and I can send you a JPG/PSD.
  3. Hiya, I thought I'd share some retouched diorama things that Klei gave us and some more. It's mainly just 2D higher definition flowers, mushrooms and such, but also an evil beefalo Use it for anything - for your art. And have a blast if you decide to print and cut out the flowers! I'll probably do some more like sciece machine, tentacle, lake and frog if there's some time.
  4. Wednesday DLC Update Poster

    Why do people always say that, whenever I post something...
  5. Dawnbreak

    Thank you for all your awesome mods, this one is simply the best addition to Don't Starve to have! I'm playing all sorts of mods, this one is my favourite. There is one thing that bothers me though - Dawnbreak (v16) is causing me light all around in the caves. It blacks out without fading (just like if somebody turned off the lights) a while after entering cave (doesn't depend on the time in the world - day/dusk/night/dawn). It happens on standalone, pc/win, Maxwell update version. No other mods active during this. Do you know what is happening? Have fun making these mods, we're having much of it while playing with them!
  6. An Update on Don’t Starve

    This is a great move. As a 500+ hours player, I'm very happy with this, although I'll miss the 3-week updates, because I'm a consumer ***** I'm very, very happy even learning that there WILL BE a DLC and that there will be more focus on (I believe needed) polishing. There are two major things that I would like to see and that I feel would make Don't Starve even more awesome. The first thing is http://forums.kleientertainment.com/index.php?/topic/25530-an-apocalypse-event-great-plague-meteor-rain-great-impact-ice-age-evolution/ (a PURPOSE to go to caves) and second http://forums.kleientertainment.com/index.php?/topic/24457-maxwell-mode-level-editor/?hl=%2Blevel+%2Bedit#entry278807 that would greatly benefit the modders and community to create some of the best experiences in the world od Don't Starve ever. After you end the 3-week routine, think about it, think about hard. Creating maps is the ultimate way to ensure longterm liveness of modding (& players) community. I'm looking forward to every single bit of new content that comes along the way and wish you guys the best response from players, best money for running your entertainment creating band & best time making an incredible game (it's 2013 and this is fuckin' rare) THE GAME of the future. Because I think Don't Starve stands out as a prime example of what a (very) good game is about.
  7. [SPOILERS]File Diving: The Motherload

    Aha! I wonder if ruins will be more about set pieces than other places... The multitool looks very interesting! Seems to me like a good sign - some twists in the resource/survival experience in the ruins would be awesome. Like *you can only take food inside (or nothing) and once you go, door closes and can be opened only by ...*
  8. Idea for Update Name?

    A good name indeed I was thinking something with magic/science being set apart in some fashion. Something like The Good, the Bad and the Mad.
  9. Idea for Update Name?

    A good name indeed I was thinking something with magic/science being set apart in some fashion. Something like The Good, the Bad and the Mad.