The Gold Mask. This needs to be implemented in some form.

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What if there was a golden mask deep in the forest, which gave you three choices, which all but one made your life very difficult.

"What is the truth you seek, forsaken under the roots of the death three?"

"1, Gold, Gold Dave.."

"2, Spirit to keep on marching"

"3, Deep terror in your heart"

1 makes a gold spike shower happen, you WILL die if you're not good at dodging them. breaks into charcoal when they hit the ground.

2 summons a ghost which makes you take 50% less damage, and deal 50% more damage for 5 days.

3 Creates 8 tentacle monsters around you, happy escaping.


Random stuff, random items which gives you the "oooh, what is this!?", "I have to make a choice", and the "Woaaaa". None of those sparks in me when i play the current build.

the only feeling that sparked in me was "i want to go and take a nap" and "well, that was unfair"

- Olav (@Cellusious)

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I don't have a specific idea of how Don't Stave *Should* be, but i know how to make it a good game anyhow the mechanics and decisions.

and nor should i, i'm not making this, and i don't want to sound pushy when i'm saying this but,

- i was hyped when i saw this game, it's slowly fading away, like with Minecraft, and countless other games which falls into the

"5/10, standard, played for a bit, i had a fun time, then move on"

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I don't really see why this idea needs to be in the game. I don't see it as making the game any more mystical or fun than is already is. Also, when people complain about the game being mundane with nothing to do, I think they often forget that this game is still in an early beta.

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"This *needs* to be implemented in some form."

I wasn't pointing at the mask idea litteraly, i was pointing at making the game have depth, another layer, if you understand that.

"None of those sparks in me when i play the current build."

this is the current build, nobody can change the core after it has been forged. ofc you complain now about a election, not 4 years after.

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