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[Mod release] Trader Toad

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Trader Toad likes to barter. Give him some insects to start!
If you are lucky, he will give you upgraded items.
If you are not lucky, he will barter with an item that he thinks of equal value.
Fear not, he has unlimited supply of his stuff.
Trader Toad Trading System:
LV1 = "mosquito", "killerbee", "bee", "butterfly"
LV2 = "dug_marsh_bush", "dug_berrybush", "dug_berrybush2", "dug_sapling", "dug_grass", "marble", "beefalowool", "flint", "rabbit", "poop"
LV3 = "honeycomb", "fireflies", "beardhair", "livinglog", "horn", "pigskin", "spidereggsack"
LV4 = "trunk_summer", "trunk_winter", "butter", "gears"
If your server "runs out" of certain items (such as dug grass or fireflies or marble),
this mod can help a little bit out.




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Interesting, but using a real life texture doesn't look so great in Don't Starve. You could take the regular Don't Starve frog texture and add a top hat or something, to go with the Don't Starve art style.


Other than that, nice mod!

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