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quick question about the dont starve together discount

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guys, i saw there was a dont starve discount for the frontier pack on steam which i quote "Includes: Don’t Starve and Don’t Starve Together for your account, and a gift copy of Don’t Starve Together – send this gift copy to a friend!"

now if i buy it, can i not redeem dont starve and the other dont starve together copy or will i be forced to?, i already have ds and dst and would rather give them away instead of just losing them, can i just make the whole thing a gift and the person i send it to gets the 3 things?. a quick answer would be appreciated, thanks guys!

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If you buy the Frontier Pack, it'll give you only the copy of DST in your library and the copy of DST to give out.

DS won't be included if there's the discount, the reg. price is for people who don't own DS.

so i will keep the 2 copies of dst but not the copy of ds?

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@Omry, Pyro didn't read your post, you already have DS and DST so you can't get the frontier pack again. It's a confusing situation, but basically the Frontier Pack is just a buy-in to early access, with the added bonus of a copy for friends, and that requires you to get DS.


It was never possible to gift the Frontier Pack itself (only the one spare DST copy it gives you). You can, however, get the Mega Pack as a gift, which will give the person DS, RoG, DST, and a copy of DST to share. 

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