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Trader component - can only give certain items?

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I'm making a custom trading guy with "trader" component.

However, I can't give him prefabs that I want him to accept (let's say a bee).

Can't give here means no option to "give" when I hover the bee over the trader guy.

When I hover a meat or flint, cursor changes to "give".


How do I change this?

I looked at trader.lua and there's nothing about what limiting the trade.

I also looked at pigking.lua and it uses goldvalue in the "AcceptTest" function but my "AcceptTest" does not use goldvalue.


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I see. Whew so complex.

So, I added them all "tradable" component but see warnings in log

"component tradable already exists! "


I could ignore but is it hard to do "add tradable component if it does not yet exist"?


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