[Client Crash] - [MAC & LINUX] cannot connect through LAN or Server


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Bug Submission:

Category: Client Crash

Issue Title: [MAC & LINUX] cannot connect through LAN or Server

Issue Description: I bought the Don't Starve Together 2-pack gift on Steam, and gave the other copy of DST to my roommate. I am on a Mac and he is running Ubuntu Linux, and whenever we try to connect to each other we get the error messages shown in the screenshots. We have tried with me hosting a server, him hosting a server, me hosting LAN, him hosting LAN, turned both of our firewalls off, etc., but it will not work.

I've read somewhere on here that it has to do with not getting a save file from Documents/Klei/Savedata (or some such file structure), I have that in my Documents, but he does not.

I can, after the last update from 2/26/2015 connect to any server listed, but he cannot, either.

What could we do to alleviate this?

Steps to Reproduce: For his computer, try to connect to any server. From my computer, try to connect between us.

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Fixed it! When he installed Eets Munchies, he must've accidentally done it as Root, because the folder belonged to the root, and so DST couldn't write to it. We deleted the folder & reinstalled DST - works perfectly now!


Thanks! We never would have figured this out if you hadn't mentioned .klei! :)

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