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Why teleportation is so complex?

It always moves you to the nearest center of teleportation.

I propose to do this: you can make as many centers of teleportation in the world, and then using teleportation staff to open the map and click on the desired your center. I think it will be more convenient and fun to use the possibility of teleportation in the future. Now this feature is almost useless.

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I think the game should give more opportunities in the long game after 150-200 days. for example you can build a network of centers of teleportation. Weapons that hit multiple enemies at the same time. Or something. The game has less meaningful after 150 days because there is no place to grow

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I hope so =)


Since DST came out, we’ve been hammering on technical improvements that make the game smooth for everyone. We’ve been working on rubber banding, network performance, bugs, balance, administrative tools for hosts, full mod support, and we’ve even been adding new DST-specific content. In addition to these things, we knew that we would also need larger scale content to really support the new worlds that are being created. Specifically, worlds are lasting not just months but years, and those who are behind the scenes are unhappy with how easy-going the inhabitants have become. We’re thus working on a brand new, free content pack called “Through the Ages”, chock full of new content designed specifically for multiplayer. This expansion is free for all players, and will be available in the Spring of 2015.
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