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Co-op servers, items, enemies, and setpieces.

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Yeah I know, I'm getting carried away with threads. Still, I have a few ideas.


  1. An additional mode called "Co-op survival" that adds more cooperative elements to the game so that co-op changes can be made without fear of it ruining the player vs player experience.
  2. An enemy (or enemies) that can't take damage from the same player or source twice in a row. Technically could be worked around using tooth traps or bee mines, but of course co-op would be optimal.
  3. Add the ability to aggro hounds from another player during hound attacks just by being near them, similar to them getting "distracted" by meat. Also, change the way hounds work... I'm tired of my second hound attack consisting of 12 hounds because me and my friend are in the same base.
  4. If another friendly player is on-screen, allow followers to attack enemies that attack that player and not just the player that they're following.
  5. Add setpieces with two large "buttons" on them so that two players have to cooperate to interact with the setpiece.
  6. A unique miniboss enemy that only attacks players that are several screens away from any other player, encouraging players to stick together unless they feel like they can handle it on their own.
  7. More beneficial haunting abilities, for example: Evicting pigs from their houses when haunted, sending tentacles underground for a set period of time when haunted, "confusing" aggroe'd or breeding beefalo when haunted, etc.
  8. Staff of Healing: Like the fire/ice staff, but zaps an orb that heals whatever you target including players and followers (and enemies, so watch out).
  9. True Friendship Amulet: When crafted, splits into two halves. When two players each equip one half of the Amulet, all damage given to either player is split halfway between both players (armor is applied after this effect).

This is just some barebones feedback and a suggestion for items that I'm sure you guys have already thought of, but I really wanna make it known that these kinds of features are desired. I really really want to have co-op features in the game other than being able to force-feed your friend food when they're in danger of starving.

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1. They can just make the changes directly to Survival, which is supposed to be a coop mode. Survival PvP is pretty nonsensical, except as far as not being able to revive with the portal, but that's better accomplished other ways.

2. Interesting idea. I think you'd also be able to get around it with fire and pig/spider minions, or Abigail.

3. Hounds spawn per-player, but it actually reduces the number of hounds quite heavily if you're together when they spawn. Hounds are strictly easier than in single-player already. The aggro idea is interesting, but how would it be controlled?

4. Good idea.

5. Hmm, this would be cool. Maybe it could spawn a chest full of telltale hearts/booster shots or something.

6. I suspect this might be what the Slipstor does.

7. Seth has said he's going to go through all haunt effects and retune them. However, there's currently no shortage of beneficial haunt effects.

8. I'd like this.

9. Interesting idea... at least in the basic concept, it seems similar to the Soulmates mod.


But I definitely agree with the idea of having more options specifically for coop. There was a suggestion a long time ago about a sled (like a chest that can be dragged around, but only by multiple players once it's loaded). Hopefully Seth's pass through all the character designs will reorient their perks to be more cooperative, like the current Willow redesign (although I think that needs some balancing before the cooperative aspects really become useful).

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