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Dedicated Server Host-Only Map Reset

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So as the title said. i have a problem where the damn map keep reseting whenever i enter a dedicated server hosted by myself.


I've checked several of this
1. Direct Client hosting keep map intact

2. Starting the Dedicated server and entering it after 1st phase retain map

3. Disconnect and reconnect on dedicated server reset map.


also, i've had 2 of my friend enter and rejoin and they keep their damn map intact :(. i havent asked for their log though


I've included MY log files of the dedi server if any1 can help



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@Revirrim, Use the -conf_dir command to change the config directory to a different folder, for example:

-conf_dir DoNotStarveTogetherDedicated


yeah... right after i post this, i found that this solution works.... the wiki really need to had this included. also, i set this on the steam launch command

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