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[Structure] Wardrobe, for changing "skins"

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As many of you already know we'll be having skins in the near future to add a bit of variety to our characters during survival sessions. Here's a skin concept for Wilson and one for Wolfgang


I'm expecting each player to be able to choose one type of skin for his character at the Character Screen Selection after connecting for the first time to a server. As @SethR mentioned the way skins are going to work is something they're still trying to figure out (at least the head part aka hats). Would we be able to change skins later on?


If the answer would be yes, I was thinking of a Wardrobe one could build which upon accessing would allow the player to switch and combine different skin accessories. When Klei announced the introduction of skins I immediately thought of the system Terraria uses with the accessory slots. What if we'd have a small button to toggle on or off the displaying of that item on the body?


Considering the scenario where skins items would only have a visual effect for the player, the Wardrobe would either have all the skins available for the character you are playing, or the player would have to craft the items beforehand for it to be available. I imagine something like once you access the Wardrobe a menu pops up similar to the Fridge or Crockpot menu and there you'd have all the items for the character you are playing. (would Wilson for example have access to the items forming the Military skin for Wolfgang and vice versa?)


Alright, so let's say skins are in the game, torso and hats, how could they work? I was thinking of 2 extra slots above the current equipment slots with a small button to toggle display. It would be important for the player to know at any time that even though he is "wearing" the Willson mad scientist goggles, as in he has toggled the display on for the head accessory he is actually wearing a Football Helmet or a Winter Hat in the equipment slot. 



As for that toggle display button it could work similar to how the mods adding separate slots for backpack and torso work: it displays the last one you equipped.


As for the Wardrobe I'm thinking of being able to add a Potted Fern on it, or the razor? That would be nice. Similar to how you add a purple gem to the Telelocator Focus but this time it would be just for looks. 


So yeah, this would be it, I wanted to share my idea. :grin:

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On the specific points you mentioned, namely the toggle skin display and crafting the skins in-game. The problem with toggle skin display (that would override the players equipped armors) is you have no way to visually judge if a person attacking you for no reason has armor or not for you to decide to take him/her on in a duel. This would be extremely problematic on PvP servers. Do note that I have no issues with bush hats being able to fully disguise a player but having a way to camouflage the armor you are wearing feels cheaty. But that's just me.


On the second point about crafting skins in-game, they should only be character-specific. Sure maybe Wickerbottom (being very knowledgeable and all) can craft all other players outfits BUT not be able to wear them. Although it'll be interesting to see a Wolfgang with the Mad Scientist's Goggles and Lab Coat. Thinking about it even more, I think the skin/outfit crafting should be player specific but anyone can wear any character's outfit pieces.


Hope that made sense, let me know if it didn't. Cheers.



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