[Graphics] - Error processing render buffer command GenerateMap


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Sorry, it was the mod "DST Where's My Beefalo?".

Error was:

  [00:01:43]: Could not find anim build OUTOFSPACE
[00:01:43]: Could not find anim bank [OUTOFSPACE]
[00:01:44]: [scatter] SPAWNING PLAYER AT: (-221.42, 0.00, 185.98)
[00:01:44]: Serialize session to session/0B10021E................
[00:01:44]: Deserialize local session session/0B10021E..............
[00:01:44]: Failed to load minimap from session data: APP:Klei/DoNotStarveTogether/save/session/0B10021E.........

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Well, I'm not sure what was that. I was trying to figure out which mod is crashing my game. I disabled mods and game keeps crashing. I was trying to delete some mods, and it helps sometimes, but then game continue crashing.



Then I restored mods folder and renamed cached_mods folder. It helps. The I renamed it back. But there is no crash again. So I restored previous state of mods folder and cached_mods folder but game stopped crashing. And I can't understand why it stop crashing. Renaming cached_mods folder and then renaming it back helped. This is mystic!



How was it:

1) I start game

2) The I create new game as a host

3) The I select character. And at this point game crashes.


I did it again and again. But, as I said, it just stopped crashing. Seems renaming cached_mods helps, but I'm not sure.

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