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Can't find any gears?


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Recently started this game on PS4, loving it! :)


Quick question - I'm on my 3rd attempt, day 64 I think, but I can't find any gears to make a fridge, map is probably 99% discovered, dug every grave, no luck and no Clockwork Knights in sight.


Is it possible that in my instance there is no Clockwork Knights at all?

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Are you playing with Reign of Giants On? If it is on, you can look for tumbleweeds cause theres a chance for them to drop gears. If you're playing on Don't Starve Base, you can get gears from digging up graves with shovels too. Sadly, I do not know enough of the game generation rules about Clockworks specifically on whether they have a chance of not spawning at all. Hopefully someone will be able to give you more info on that.


Good luck and have fun. Welcome to Don't Starve, cheers! 

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Have you gone into the caves yet? There are broken clockworks that you can break down with a hammer in the area past the caves called Ruins. Although having no gears by day 64, may prove difficult for a first play through of the game. If you're going to attempt the caves, good luck. Don't bring meat down the caves though! But if you have to, keep the meat food in chester. :)

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