I give up...Want a quick 20 bucks? (Steam bucks)


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I'm not sure how Kleislist works or what the rules are so If any of the higher-ups tell me this is a No-no by all means lock this thread or delete it. ;_; This is humiliating enough...


Please keep in mind that this is for Don't Starve Together. No idea why there isn't a Kleislist on the DST section.


I'm not asking you to draw sprites

I'm not asking you to code everything(Unless you have to...)


I'm asking you to fix my coding because no matter what I do I keep plunging into more deeper errors. I just want my characters to simply function, but my coding is so bad that I'm actually making my characters worse!


Obviously I could ask the more seasoned modders for free, which I did, but I keep slipping that up. ; _;


Anyway if you manage to fix three of my characters i'll pay you 20 dollars in steam bucks.


Q. How can I trust you?

A. Its a matter of trust really, Unless these part of the forums has a system or something. But I promise you i'll pay.


Q. When?

A. I'll receive it on February 24th. So payment is on the 24th too. Unless I received the fixed characters later. Then it'll be on the date of receipt.


Q. How will this work?

A. Provided below will be 2 non-functioning character files, I want you to fix it and send me the files where I'll inspect them to see if they're glitch free.


Q. The third?

A. When I receive the Fixed 2 characters, I'll send you the third one(By Private message). The third one isn't publicly available because It has not been released yet. So for security reasons yeah.


This is a First come First Serve basis, if anyone can fix it first, they get the 20. And the annoucement of who fixed all 3 will be posted by me. Thus closing this thread.


If by any chance there's a miracle in which I fixed all three problems myself(less likely, VERY UNLIKELY) then this thread is closed and no reward will be given out. (Trust me this won't happen lol)



The problems:


Shiki has a 3 death rule: For whatever reason after dying 3 times(or more) and reviving herself 3 times(or more) on the jury rig, she crashes the game completely. Something relating to skeletons. I don't know why.


Sakura wants INVENTORY IMAGES: NO IDEA WHY IT KEEPS ASKING ME FOR INVENTORYIMAGES.XML FILES. WHY? I decided instead of using the default abigail flower I wanted her to have her own unique flower, but doing so has caused just crash after crash...


Upcoming character(The one that will be sent privately): Sorta relating to Sakura, this character keeps insisting on INVENTORYIMAGES.XML FILES? WHAT. YOU DON'T NEED IT SO WHY DO YOU KEEP ASKING.


Edit: Opps, forgot to go in brief detail why my upcoming character is not working:


The inventoryimages error is actually different to my sakuras. The event only appears when you scroll down her pseudoscience machine tab. I know this is related to her recipes but I don't know how to fix it.




New WinZip File.zip

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