Important HOW TO for steam users.

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It is very easy for steam users to find version of the build and i think it should be explained on the forum so i'm doing it:

go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\dont_starve\bin

open log file with notepad and there you go:

Don't Starve: 70828

Build Date: 2012-12-19_16-47-18

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OR you can press [bACKSPACE] in game for it to appear :D (in both Steam and Chrome)

As every other control, it's undocumented in-game; but you can find a Sticky with all the controls on top of the suggestions and feedback subforum (and on my signature down there).

Perhaps I should ask the devs to add this info on the bug submitting form so it's clearer?

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Good idea. Many people submiting bug don't know the steam version. Thats why I decided to put this info on forum.

I just addressed the matter with the devs, but with them on holiday I'm not sure they add the tip on the form until January.

Thanks for you concern and care ;)

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