Suggestion: Display Food Values (With Condition)

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Hello everyone, Icy here for the first time ever.

So firstly, I would like to let you know, that I fell in love with this game from the very first moment I've bough it and it keeps being fun for me up till this day..


Since I love this game some much, I said to myself, I would take my time and throw my suggestion out there to see if it gets any attention. Now I'm not sure how seriously does the KLEI staff take this suggestion forum, but I'll give it a shot.



Some time ago, I've installed a mod called "Food Values" and it's a very useful mod that I feel it should be in the game in the first place. This mod does exactly what it says: it shows the hunger, health and sanity values of all foods. Also, once you use the "simplistic" description it perfectly fits in the game.


Just see for yourself:



I can personally tell you, that without this mod I would've been eating raw berries up till this day, since I always thought that they give the same food value as when cooked. It's really hard to see the food differences on the status bar without some numbers to help out. And once you consume 10 of those berries, it makes a difference whether you get 93.8 hunger filled or 125 hunger...


Now, I very well know, that this game doesn't support the "hand holding" along the gameplay experience and you will have to find everything out for yourself to know (unless you use Wiki, which not everyone enjoys to do).

So this is where my suggestion comes in play:


What if we made it, so that every food item, that the player has CONSUMED at least once, begins to display the food values?


This way, we could make sure, that the player would "learn" from his experience, by testing what is good to eat and what is bad. He would have to take a bite of that thing to know once and for all whether he'll eat it again or not.


So what do you say? Do you think this feature would be worthy to make it into the game?

If you would say yes, I would be a very, very happy person! And I'm sure more people would enjoy this feature.

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I personally believe this important feature (I won't even call it a mod) should be right in the game.

I don't want every important aspect that is missing in the base game to be modded in. Adding it right to the game wouldn't change anything, only upgrade it for the better. (And what is this forum for, if not for suggesting features for the game itself?)


Reasons why I don't believe this should be a mod:

- Every mod requires constant maintenance by it's author. If author abandons his project, it's practically dead. Rarely you see someone take over the mod, because it's quite rude in the 1st place - and if they do, it's usually after a year or so, which is a terribly long while.

- Each mod lowers the performance of the game. That's a fact. It's because many mods tend to override the core aspects of the game instead of "adding" to it. That means your performance is often used for the same thing twice, even though you're going to see just one.

(that doesn't include when mods starts to override each other)

Also, more mods you're using, more bugs are likely to appear as well as messier the game can get.

- And every mod has it's author's personal taste to it. They usually don't have the same taste for the balance as the game creators by themselves. That results in mods that you either don't want to use just because of some features or mods with too many unnecessary settings to configure. (which again can lowers the performance and makes the game messier)


I say this should be added to the game, because it's such an important feature.

Mods are good for testing, but if the feature proves good, it should definitely be added.

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As a modder myself with 100s of mods in various games, its NEVER rude for someone else to pick up an abandoned mod.  its rude for someone (an egotistical stuck up modder) to complain it was picked up when they're no longer maintaining it themself.    It IS rude to be reposting a mod that is still actively maintained.


I pretty much agree with everything else you said =-)




An example of the best COMMUNITY modding environment I know, look at Kerbal Space Program. Their mods are almost all in the form of DLLs which means its compiled.  But they delete any mod post that doesnt link to full source code. They do superficially say a modder can post any lisence for their code that they want but it at least ensures that if they abandon a project, other people can still learn from what was done before and even update personal copies (and show others how to update) when the game changes significantly.  Dont Starve has an equally good environment in regards to code access.

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As a modder myself with 100s of mods in various games, its NEVER rude for someone else to pick up an abandoned mod.



That's only you, though.


I've seen plenty of mod authors get upset to find out that somebody had taken over their work w/out permission, even though they had not worked on it in some time.


Different people are different.




On topic, I think something like this would be pretty helpful in-game, but I'm not sure if Klei actually wants players to have easy access to this kind of information.  Or any information at all, really.


I get the feeling that they want players to have a sense of uncertainty that feeds into the "stress" of survival.  Just my 2 flint.

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Well, maybe they do or maybe the don't. I'm not sure either.

Would be great to receive their point of the view on this topic.


But still, that appearing feel of "uncertainty" can only last for the first several days of you playing the game, but once you play it for a little longer, you won't definitely feel that way..*

So that being said, I still believe that food values should be added to the game.



*Either people won't give a damn about the values, or people like me will do everything they can to know those values. :D

So why not ease it up for those who care?

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I would support this idea, actually.  I am rather forgetful, and so I'd been compiling a spreadsheet of items that I kept confusing (Pierogi vs Honey Nuggets, Red mushrooms vs Green Vs Blue, etc).  I installed the Show Food Values mod and I really liked it.  But, I agree, the trick about not finding that stuff can hurt you (or kill you) is lost.  Finding and eating a raw red cap SHOULD be a bad thing.  With the current mod, there's no surprise.


One of my very first deaths came at the hand of a red-cap, btw.  Just barely survived a hound attack early.  Was about to die of starvation.  Found the first item i came to which was a red-cap.  Picked and ate it, like I had so many carrots and berries preivously.  DEAD.  :)  Was a fun experience.  

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Haha, that's a funny story! Since it deals so much damage, I was expecting someone dying from it. :razz:

Anyway, thanks for your support.


On the other note, after almost a week I expected at least one little reply from the Klei staff..

Seems they are like most of the developers I know.. (But I still want to believe that's not true! Maybe they're just busy.)

Oh well, let's just keep hoping..





Fixed "die" into "dying"


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