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[Ideas] Hidden Emotion-meter

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Karisuto    10

With the possible introduction of a "Sanity-meter" and the abundance of food in this game it might be interesting to consider some options.

The introduction of the Krampus and the Gobbler is a means to reduce exloitation of certain food sources.

But if your belly is full it's full and if you found a way to get easily to food than it stays that way.

And with the Sanity it will probably be the same: if you keep your Sanity at 100% your save and that's it.

But what if there is a system that makes you reconsider what kind of food you eat?

Something that would effect your gameplay.

Something that wouldn't be maximizable but something that flows and changes.

Something that buffs and/or debuffs certain characteristics.

What about emotions?

Ok, how would this be reflected in the computer script?

I'm a very visual person myself so I like to think of emotions as in colours.

So I would:

-assign food with a RGB value, just a simple one

-let the current emotional state of Wilson be reflected by the Sanity-meter as well (in colour ofcourse, maybe a text also)

So if Wilson ingests certain foods, certain RGB values will be stimulated and other don't.

Concrete example:

When you start the game all meters are full, Health, Stomach and Sanity.

But because you are thrown into another dimension by a demon you don't feel so good about that.

Therefor the hidden Emotion-meter starts with R=0, G=0, B=0 (which is the colour black) and this is resembled by a "Full Black Sanity-meter".

At the start you'll probably be eating lots of raw foods.

Every raw food adds for example only to the Red value, so your Sanity-meter will turn from black to red.

Every cooked food adds for example to the Red and Green value, so your Sanity-meter will turn yellow.

Flowers add to Blue, etc, etc.

This way food will still be essential even if your belly is already full.

Link with the Sanity-meter:

I don't know exactly what the Dev's are developing now for the Sanity-meter.

But if I would link it to this suggestion, I would do something like this:

If the Sanity-meter drops while the Emotion-meter is Red - Wilson will start seeing illusionary rabbits/morsels everywhere, but when he picks it up he's left with nothing.

If the Sanity-meter drops while the Emotion-meter is Yellow - Wilson will start seeing illusionary hounds everywhere, but when he kills them they disappear.

If the Sanity-meter drops while the Emotion-meter is Green - Wilson's Stomach-meter will empty very quickly (which is illusionary, the real Stomach-value will be kept track of by the computer) and he'll increase his chance to die of over-eating.

If the Sanity-meter drops while the Emotion-meter is Blue - Wilson will [you name it!].


Other idea.

If there will be season changes, it could be a nice feature to link it to some sort of seasonal mood swing or better a trait instead of emotions.

Instead of taking all colours use just four: Green, Yellow, Orange, Red. Resembling with Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter.

This way you'll only have to assign food with the R or G value, this makes programming a lot easier.

This will stimulate players to relate their eating behaviour with the seasons and can be done by making "traits" more useful in the resembling season. So you'll get stimulated to eat the foods of that season. Or it could be reversed, if the season only spawns certain foods, your trait will slowing grow towards that seasonal trait.

Concrete example:

Spring trait: is stimulated by eating fruits, flowers

Summer trait: is stimulated by eating raw foods (inc raw meat)

Autumn trait: is stimulated by eating vegetables (think of pumpkins, hearty vegetables that is)

Winter trait: is stimulated by eating cooked foods

Spring trait: Gives you a Stomach-meter bonus, so you can eat less and can recover more easily from the Winter (if you survived that that is :p)

Summer trait: Gives you a Health-meter bonus, so you can do bold stuff during Summer, explore more, setting things up

Autumn trait: Gives you a Speed bonus, so you can harvest, collect and prepare yourself better for Winter (it's not too hot nor too cold to be active in Autumn)

Winter trait: Gives you an Attack bonus, so you can defend yourself better and hopefully survive Winter.

It's just to inspire you. It doesn't have to be in the game since it's great already :D.

I'm trying to find ways to increase the uniqueness of this game.

Would do you think of it?

Kind regards, Karisuto

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