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Can I change in-game precipitation?(also help with a single code!)

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I'm sorry if this isn't in the right spot, I wasn't sure if it belonged in the general discussion but, I'm testing out a mod and she's supposed to quickly lose sanity in the rain. Is there a way in DST in your own server to make it rain? I've already went into the "edit world" thing and made it rain as much as possible but it still always seems to wait until around day 8, which is a bit longer in game if I'm just testing to make sure a code works and to tweak it. I've looked around a little for it anything to type into the... I forget what it's called but you push the tilde (~) to get there, sorry. Anyway, I can't find anything to type in. :/ Please help! Also I just realized the code I last tried was apparently game breaking so I had to remove it, so if anyone could throw codes at me to try, that'd be great. I need her to lose sanity in the rain, fairly fast, but I can edit the numbers to meet what I want. I just don't know the base code. I'm excited because all her sprites are done and this is the last thing she needs!

Thank you!

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