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  1. @Jjmarco Okay, thanks. It's now following when they turn around and everything. It still isn't like, synced up with an animation. Like if the character does the idle animation the tail will move but the fire will stay in place. I've been thinking about working on a custom idle animation anyway, so that's not a huge deal, but do you know if there's a way for me to fix that part? I just tried out a few different animations and the tail followed fine so, as I said, it's still entirely workable.
  2. @Kzisor Yeah that's fair, sorry, haha. @Jjmarco Okay so, I drew the tail and worked on lining it up right. However I ran into a problem. The fire looks supppper good, problem is it's not sticking on the tail or following the animations, and when they turn around it just kinda stays on the same axis. Can either of you help? The current code for the fire looks like this: inst.tailfire = SpawnPrefab("torchfire")inst.tailfire.entity:AddFollower() -- adds follower attribute to the fireinst.tailfire.Follower:FollowSymbol(inst.GUID, "tail-3", -120, -110, 0)
  3. @Jjmarco Rain damage is now entirely working, thank you! For the: Are you saying that this would all be in the tailfire prefab or this would just be in Charmander's prefab? Does anything need to happen with the anim folder?
  4. @Kzisor Thanks! I knew the code to make them not freezable was simple as all heck but I wasn't having any luck finding it. And I'll check out the fire damage here soon, it's the code I'm least concerned about finding. As for making the tail prefab, I've never done anything like that before, but I'd like to figure it out. If I wanted to use the torch prefab as a main base, taking off the tick, and adding the file name to charmander's prefab, what else would go into it? if you don't really want to just walk me through it that's fine but do you know a good guide I could follow?
  5. Okay so, I've only made one character so far, which was Walnut the opossum. She's gotten quite some love over steam since release, and it has inspired me to make more. The current character of the hour: Things I need help with: Losing health in the rain, but not if they're wearing things that should keep them dry [x] Possibly having ONLY ITS TAIL glow [x] Make it not freeze in the winter [x] Possible fire damage if not holding weapon [x] I know the health loss and the freezing wouldn't be too hard but I'm not familiar enough to just know how to code it. I did try editing some of the code I knew and while it wasn't game breaking, Charmander never lost health in the rain. I also tried looking into WX's code but it didn't do anything. I know how to make light on the character, like the character glowing or having nightvision, but I'm not sure if it's entirely possible for them to only glow in one spot? If you could help, I'd really appreciate it!
  6. Version 1.0


    Walnut the opossum is very kinda hearted. She tries to see the good in everything and everyone. Basic Information on Walnut: -Has ~85% custom dialogue -Night vision, and doesn't lose sanity in the dark -Can eat stale/spoiled meats but NOT monster meat -Will lose sanity in the rain, she absolutely hates it -She will not lose sanity at night -She is a bit faster than Wilson -Her stats are as follows: 250 Health/100 Hunger/125 Sanity -She uses Willow's sounds Please notice: Walnut sincerely hates the rain, the straw hats or umbrellas will not help her. Walnut was entirely designed, drawn, and coded by me, but special thanks to Dleowolf for the Extended Sample Character Mod. It wouldn't have been possible without you. This is my first mod so any feedback would be great. I do plan on updating her in time, but for now I think she's good to go! She is also available on the steam workshop!
  7. I'm sorry if this isn't in the right spot, I wasn't sure if it belonged in the general discussion but, I'm testing out a mod and she's supposed to quickly lose sanity in the rain. Is there a way in DST in your own server to make it rain? I've already went into the "edit world" thing and made it rain as much as possible but it still always seems to wait until around day 8, which is a bit longer in game if I'm just testing to make sure a code works and to tweak it. I've looked around a little for it anything to type into the... I forget what it's called but you push the tilde (~) to get there, sorry. Anyway, I can't find anything to type in. :/ Please help! Also I just realized the code I last tried was apparently game breaking so I had to remove it, so if anyone could throw codes at me to try, that'd be great. I need her to lose sanity in the rain, fairly fast, but I can edit the numbers to meet what I want. I just don't know the base code. I'm excited because all her sprites are done and this is the last thing she needs! Thank you!
  8. Currently fixed! Is there a way to delete this topic? I think I'll be fine now!
  9. Alright, alright. I also need help. I am working on my first mod, and she was going fine. her prefab file was fine and working, and everything was in order. I drew like 80% of her images and they were working fine. Was a little possum girl, looked like this (I wasn't done with the tail,torso and a few other things) Was running entirely smoothly. But then all the sudden the compiler no longer wants to make her anim zip? I've tried doing it from the command prompt, starting compiler manually AND even the compiler.cmd that someone else made. It's not working at all anymore. I tried literally putting all the files in a zip myself and that makes her entirely invisible. When invisible she still says things she should, and can pick grass/berries etc. I also went back into the default template files to make sure I didn't accidentally delete something that should be there, and everything looked the same.. Does anyone know why the anim folders randomly stop being made up by the compiler?
  10. Thanks! I haven't updated the first post but I did delete the anim file and the others and recompile it (automatically) and now he's entirely game-breaking. I have him put away in another folder, and I'll work on him later. He was a bit more of a test run than anything else (which is why the base was ppreeeetty much the same), so I'll be working on another one here shortly.
  11. So, I just joined this website last night, although I have played Don't Starve Before. I just started out the beta last night. I got inspired to finally take a good ol whack at making a custom character. I followed the tutorial and used the newer base, and everything was going fine. All the coding was fine and the character was playable in-game entirely. But now randomly after I've edited more of the images (hands and a few face frames) the headbase images are the default color instead of the ones I've made them. I'm not really sure how considering the old images are not in the file or anything. I took a few screenshots. Left is Spriter and right is in game, around only a minute before hand. The face DID work before, and I recently updated the colors on the hands and feet, after that the face is somehow now showing the default of the base above my custom head? You can see in the in-game picture, the blonde puff on his head is very evident, especially when his back is facing you. I've restarted Don't Starve Together multiple times, try disabling and re-enabling the mod many times, and even restarted steam. I'm not sure if I did anything wrong..? Like I don't know what happened, the head was fine, I didn't touch the files and suddenly the head is not fine. He's photos of the images in the directory for the heads; If anyone could help me or maybe give advice that would be great because I'm not sure what to do at this point?