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Actual Signs

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I searched the forum and didn't find a similar thread, please redirect me, if it already exists.


It would be really cool, if you could write a few words on a sign, when you build it, so that other players can read it. I often join servers with +100 days and a farely nice base but the other players are also just on their first days in this world. I'm happy to use things like crockpots, but I don't want to scrabble through their stuff and just take something. Which can be hard, when no single flint is laying around but a bunch of them are stored away. So I'm thinking about extra a chest on the side with a "Newbie Starter Pack"- sign. Or maybe a sign at the portal with the direction of the base.

It could also be used as a little message system with what needs to be done or 'house rules'.


I understand that this idea is not mandatory for the game and more of a gimmick. Since playing my first round of Don't Starve I just always wanted to write something on these damn signs and in DST it would be convenient. I know that not everyone will even read or follow the messages, but if they want to mess around in your world they would do that with or without signs.




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