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Best Way to Kill Spider Warriors?


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Hi there! I recently bought this game and I absolutely love it.

There's one problem though: I'm having trouble getting rid of Level II spider nests and dealing with the Spider Warriors. I try to get pigs in to help me get rid of them, but Beefaloes keep on killing them before I can get them to the nest.

Is there any way I can get a Beefalo to kill the Spider Warriors? Or do ya'll know of any good strategies to get rid of them?


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There's all kinds of things you can do. Build traps and surround the nest with it, hit it once, and then kite the spiders into the traps. Use a pan flute to put all the spiders to sleep and then pick them off one at a time. Fire darts are neat, but expensive. Sleep darts as well, but the pan flute is better since it puts them all to sleep at once. When engaging these new spiders I find it behooves me to always wear a logsuit and football helmet.

I personally use the pan flute method. Hit the nest once and run until you have enough distance so the spiders can't get to you while the flute playing animation plays, but not far enough that they are out of your field of vision. Play the flute, and they all go to sleep. Kill them one at a time. If they wake up, rinse and repeat.

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