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Hello everyone,

my name is Tim and I am a big survival-theme fan. Starting from a tv-shows, games and ending even with a survival hiking. After playing a while, I wanted to give a small feedback from my side:

The moment I saw this game, I bought it directly. It has an interesting and thrilling survival experience, awesome graphics and good learning curve. But there are some things that I wanted to see a little bit different:

[*]Progressive crafting: it's really important to keep the balance in the game. Right from the beginning you can feed to the science machine enough gold and get to the magical farm directly, which will give you unlimited access to the food. For instance, in Terraria in order to get good armor, you must have at least armor of a previous type, or you will get killed. The farm suggestions were already mentioned in the previous topics.

[*]Storyline: I've heard from devs that there is somewhere a hidden storyline - well, I haven't encountered it (yet).

[*]Combat system: there are none :( I'd like to see more tactical approach in hunting/killing hostile mobs.

[*]Terrain: right now this is just a set of islands, connected with some bridges - for me it seems like an early-alpha world placeholder. I'd like to see a big word, with different biomes and (maybe) even a caves. If you don't know how to integrate such world in a isometric graphics, go take a look at Ultima Online.

[*]Goal pushing: in the games like Terraria or Minecraft you have some sort of a game "goal" that is obvious for the new players and is directly rewarding: go deeper. Here, in this game, you can explore different islands, and they are merely the same, and you have no idea, whether or not you will get rewarded for your long stranding.

And, of course, I am really disappointed that there will be no multiplayer :(

But anyways, thank you for bringing such a cool game. It has a very good base to expand further, and will become eventually a really good polished game :)

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Thanks for your feedback. We are glad you enjoy it. The feedback you provided shows how much you have enjoyed the game. Don't Starve is meant to get your imagination flowing, imagining the possibilities and exploring the world to realize and discover the world. This means that the game, the world and everything involved with it will continue to grow, sometimes in unexpected ways. We watch these forums closely and regularly discuss the ideas presented here. Although, due to the nature of the game, we don't always directly address individual ideas and suggestions (we like things to be a surprise). However, it is safe to say that many of your concerns are ours as well. So, thanks again and good luck out there!

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