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The Immortal who died.

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Syd    233

I love mulling over the potential effects of insanity. That mechanic has had me very intrigued from the moment it was announced.

I like the idea of "mad science" being accessible while sufficiently insane. That could be one of the perks of insanity that the developers hinted at. Also, they already confirmed that going insane won't kill you, even if you completely lose every bit of sanity you once had. The things that you encounter while insane, that's what will be dangerous. I also agree that the sanity meter should be slow to move in either direction, though the devs listed it as a "periodic threat" in the Roadmap thread so I imagine that may be the sort of behavior that they have already intended.

As for the actual visual effects and changes to the world, I would love to see a mix of comedic and dark/disturbing, as that's the sort of blend of tone the game seems to be going for already. I haven't put a lot of thought into exactly what they'd be, as I feel pretty content to just leave that to the devs until I get a better idea of the sort of direction they intend to go in.

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