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  1. maybe seeing certain harmless things as harmful ones randomly or harmful ones as being harmless. hallucinating a beefalo as being a rabbit and then being chased by a very angry rabbit that more or less inflates into the size of a beefalo but the shape of a rabbit adding to your insane character's twisted reality. If you manage to kill this crazy big bunny it splits into a group of other smaller but threatening things or just something odd like meat items drop but then against probability begin to run away of their own accord and you have to chase them down if you want them or they'll reform into some kind of meat monster. The question is, do you let wilson die from a hallucination or does he just wake up throttling a log on the ground furiously. hallucination is a great medium for installing insanity to the world but from my point of view its too simple to just see what isn't there but that could be an early level of insanity and full blown version could be what I described or worse. being chased by a pissed off berry bush would be quite amusing.
  2. perhaps mad science could be something like, certain activity and/or research are only available when your sanity meter is low enough. That is, you need to be insane enough to even attempt them. Also, I think the idea of being 100% insane would to me not mean a gameover but be more like you lose control of your character for x amount of time and if he dies during that you lose and if he doesn't you quickly "come to your senses" as rapidly as you the user possibly can before he goes off on another trip to burn down a forest, kick beehives, kick beefalo, kick spider nests and try to hug spiders, kick pigmen, ride on krampus or just go into the night without a light source. These things to me imply insanity but game over would just be a dull way to express it.
  3. I agree with that, and had forgotten about the amulets being a universal item others could use for some reason. So wilson should be the only one to use his creations as his own special perk. As the others can create their own versions via the amulet or find them. The mad science is certainly interesting as an idea if its done right I like that as well. ButtercupSaiyan You my dear, have missed the boat entirely. Allow me to explain, content is fine when it fits in neatly with everything else and doesn't take away from a game. however, the effigy and amulets as they are create a sinkhole for difficulty by providing simple immortality which therein creates boredom. I think you can agree that being bored in a game is not fun. Limiting is a means to refine how content works so it can be seen in a different light rather than an easy way out of a dangerous situation so you can keep all of your stuff. I like this just a thought because he does seem to be rather stable by comparison. i think a scientific point of view would indeed make you more rational and less likely to be driven insane unless certain circumstances did it but by that same standard the idea of mad science would make it harder to regain your sanity. the bar should be hard to move universally. if you're sane its not easy to go insane and if you've made it to being insane it should be a trek to get your sanity back.
  4. This idea isn't bad but its still less threatening than a cap would be given this could be treated as a forbidden science last resort style of thing, rather than a picnic upon grim death. That is certainly an interesting idea for having one effigy around and it gave me a grim idea about needing to chop off a limb of wilson's with an axe and fix it to the effigy dealing himself damage and causing some kind of handicap not a suggestion mind you but a funny thought. The unique item to restrict effigy is a good one but you can just keep using it without a cap. The reason there are so many complaints about a cap is because it poses a serious danger to eternal life and is therefore a valid change in difficulty. The idea that you want control over death is certainly a goal of science but it is also part of science that we do not have that, but in this game we do and I think that should change. having it only work with wilson is definitely what I personally expected it to do but for balance it does need to be shared with the others. Even though it would certainly make more sense to only work with him. overall even though I like this idea having one immortal character and the others be mortal wouldn't work sadly.
  5. No, I think a finite number of "lives' is more than reasonable considering it lets you maintain your world. it forces you to value the life you live and not just prepare for the next reincarnation. Again, i think a cap is necessary because the mechanic is just used to death so to speak and to great effect. You live forever which I don't think was in the spirit of how this game is meant to play out. if you manage to live forever that is one thing but if you can just keep respawning endlessly then I don't think that is what would benefit the game at all. there is no need to fear starvation if you can just pop up the next moment as a result of good planning an infinite number of times. That is what this is atm, an infinite lives complex. Correct, the obtain should probably be left the way it is but the use is what I aim to alter. It will make you more wary, paranoid, thrilled that you lived through that 89th day when all hell broke loose. In short you'd have fun surviving the day and especially the night without the endless re-assurance of infinite lives. This doesn't change the fact that they are a source of infinite lives so I still maintain that there should be a cap.
  6. I was reading a thread a few minutes ago where one user said the following. It gave me pause for thought that the way things are stacked up now its inevitable that players will reach this plateau of difficulty. So, I have several solutions to make the immortal, less immortal. Amulets - Give them some restrictive back story, ie. When you enter this world your life force is fractured among the flora and fauna therein and can only be restored 12 times in total. Each time life is given where it was lost a little bit of your soul ebbs away like the waves on the sandy shore and you are that much closer to permanent rest. (12 for the hours on a clock symbolic of mortality and time left) Effigy - You can keep making these until they litter the fields of your world but only 12 in combination with the above restriction will function. - This is more or less a meat puppet so, other surviving things will want to eat it, naturally. Give them the desire to do so. You'll need fences or some cheap barricade to protect a valuable possession such as this and beat back all of those who wish to nibble. The nibblers will be capable of dealing damage relative to their strength to the barricade so you'll need to really keep an eye out. It will attract those you don't want to attract as well adding danger to your camp but needing to be nearby or they'll just eat it.
  7. Wet goop, could be useful as a method to create compost which when combined with manure produced 2x compost. We don't really want garbage items. If there were a way to create or mine salt in the game, you could salt meats to make them not lose freshness but retain a new value as jerky or cured meat. the tradeoff with this is you would no longer be able to use this product in cooking to create more efficient foods in say your crock-pot. I think rotting food could be interesting as a mechanic overall and would definitely up the difficulty but as I mentioned above there should also be methods to preserve food's freshness as there are in reality maybe making berry preserves somehow with the crock-pot. stale food I think might be a bridge too far if our food is already rotting. stale is usually something which happens when food is kept safe to eat for too long and it hardens (in the case of breads mostly) its a more specific style of aging that wouldn't apply to say meat which goes rancid. the cycling down of effective use with fresh percent seems to cope with its longevity nicely enough I think. at the lower levels of freshness perhaps a larger percent chance that something food specific could happen to it. 'this meat has gone rancid - wilson' once below say 15percent the chances of it instantly turning rancid would increase with each dropped percentile unless salted or preserved in some other way. also, freshness should reset when a food is cooked so it becomes a new food item that has its own longevity (like in real cooking). sleep is a novel idea, and could also build into the insanity meter that is coming. the more sleep loss you have the more touchy your insanity meter becomes. Its certainly an interesting idea if handled properly in conjunction with everything else.
  8. Things like Santa hats are only a problem when they become collectible or profitable in any way, otherwise they're just a harmless bit of fun for those interested. I like the idea of applying chaos theory to a game to enhance it in some way. It just needs to be handled properly.
  9. Even with your torchlight experience I highly suggest a playthrough of D2 as required reading ;3 They are similar but I think you'll find they are in fact not that similar. I could of course be wrong about this as my torchlight experience is limited but you'll see if you play. Wouldn't a "what did I do?" scenario be very interesting though? You'd be met with a mystery you'd have to figure out so you don't either do it again or if the effect is to your liking reproduce it. (so long as you don't lose any source of something too easily overall I think its fine if the user isn't completely clear about their action's and the effects they may produce always) It would add its own mythos to the world rather than just another analogue of our own (ie. fires burn down forests) I'm going to be a bit specific about the example I used but it should show what I'm after in the process. A gas can't actually appear to be volatile until it explodes in your face (a point of no return so to speak as you'd be dead) To me, the scenario would play out like this. You'd go into the cave come across this crack with green mist like substance pouring out of it and be interested to know what it was so remembering you have tools either try all of them and produce a result or remember you have a tool for examination to bring a sample back to a science machine which could tell you a bit more about it. Your reaction would be that of "oh a weird thing I don't know, I had better find out more" instead of "yay thing me smash" or "oh *instant knowledge* that's dangerous" because the thing you find won't always be something you can know what it does or could do which builds on the world's own characteristics and teaches you about it.
  10. A crevasse would be a nice way to access underground areas I agree, the suggestions I made for access were just some simple examples to illustrate the between maps access points. If you've ever played diablo 2 you'll know they solved this handily with how they dealt with a 2.5d environment in an enclosed space and used the concept of transparent or fading walls depending on the place a player stood to great effect. It may be worth looking into for the devs who may not have played this game and d2 is just fun all around so those who haven't just should. think of it as required reading. Well, the devs seem keen to add holiday gaming to don't starve given the content of the next update. it doesn't relate to caves in any content related way but the means to access a cave and another dimension are the same, which is a change of map. whether i'm visiting a crevasse or completing the ritual of black flowers to enter the land of the pig demons doesn't matter it'll still just be transition between maps as far as the game is concerned mechanically. its much like how in our present environment if you carelessly have a campfire near a forest you can easily lose your source of wood. the butterfly effect, you can overdo something and cause something else to flourish in its place which adds a necessity for not just bounding around the wilderness trying everything without consequences. the research machine could provide the necessary input to prevent such disasters if you bring it the right clues or use the tools it produces in the right ways. ie. you find glowing green mist rising up out of a crack in a cave wall, use a small glass bottle to contain some of the mist and research it and learn that it is composed of a volatile gas so striking your pick against it to break through would have caused an explosion tearing you limb from limb. lol, it would certainly but if you fell into the cave normally and had no easy means of escape this is how it would play out. i expect its dangerous territory for them to say much about since if they sound too positive people will just end up demanding it at some point and cause tension. also, we don't really know what they have planned entirely so they may be silent for the reason that its already in the works. the bottom line is we don't know, if they were inclined to let us know more about their thoughts on it i'd be grateful but if not we'll find out eventually regardless. (unrelated note; its such a pain having a broken shift key-
  11. Well, to be fair the quote from the common suggestions thread wasn't from a moderator or dev that I know of or was labeled in that thread I found it in so they may already be aware or just not want to add caves for their own reasons. i agree though the necessity for a ceiling in an underground area is only necessary for a 3d world which this isn't so you can just have lighting work the way it would in a cave and then imply the ceiling how the sky is in the overworld. nobody looks up at the clouds do they/
  12. It would be fun but if they read it and don't want to put it in that is fine too. After all, I got into this game because of what they've done already.
  13. You could even make it so that if you fell into a cave you'd have to figure out a way to return to the surface with limited food options.
  14. I think it may open a 5D door for them to implement all sorts of fun mechanics. For example, you could do x in the _____ world and the overworld would change in a specific way or you could unleash something terrible. You could have been wandering through dense bushes in some other realm and a bit of pollen or a seed could have traveled back with you and lodged itself spreading and causing trouble or spawning something.
  15. i've read your common suggestions list and one struck my interest because it had such a simple solution to it and would add a potentially intense amount to the game. granted you may still not want it but i thought i'd share my solution and see what happened the solution works like this. you have points in the overworld they can be anything you like from digging a hole with a specific tool and using rope on it to altars and ceremonies with the black magic to transport you somewhere else. the point is, the map does not need to connect in a 3D way to the overworld it can be a seperate map altogether with its own mobs, tiles, and textures. this fits in with the way your game is made. whether or not it suits what you want to do with it is entirely up to you. i just thought i'd share this input since it seemed a simple solution to wrestling with 2.5d vs 3d issues to adding caves or hellish areas. it can also function to add places that are holiday specific ie. being transported to the land of the bunnymen for easter or the north pole for christmas to what end is again entirely at your discretion i merely want to give you room for more alternative forms of content.