[Server Crash] - Non ASCII caracter in token.txt


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Bug Submission:

Category: Server Crash

Issue Title: Non ASCII caracter in token.txt

Issue Description: When I generated my token.txt, I had the last caracter non ASCII. I don't think it is intended ?

(And it would be easier to copy/past it on the server if it is plain ASCII)

My token in HEX (10 first caracters removed):

"** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** 41 65 71 49 6d 49 44 72 75 58 72 62 4e 45 33 72 2b 55 4f 65 77 70 00"

Steps to Reproduce: It is going to be hard, as it is my unique token :/

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You can put the server_token.txt right next to the settings.ini, without editing anything.

Also you can generate all the tokens you want, but the NUL at the end still stands.


I don't think it's a bug. Also, you can just copy everything except that character and put:

[account]server_token = code without the weird character
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  • Developer

Hey @G4E,


What crash do you receive?  What system are you running on? Maybe post a log.txt from one of your crashes could clear up what is going on?


As  @DarkXero already mentioned, that would be a great work around.   I had intended to put in the null for some compatibility thing.    



-Mark L


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