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New modder,i guess.

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Hi,everyone. My name is Gekiro,and i've made a topic here in order to receive some help,not sure if posting here this topic is alright,but i'll do it. So,first of all,i want to be a new mod maker. I've been wanting to do a character mod for a while but i just can't seem to get the hang of drawing. I think it's me or i just can't draw a character T_T . Have any of you guys,mod makers,or non-mod makers,got any tips / advices or some tutorials if there are some ? I just need help about the drawing of the character xD. Other than that,i'm fine in terms of knowing. Or i'll learn it as i advance.



Thanks,everyone. And I hope this is the right place to post this o.O  :lemo: 

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@Gekiro, I'm no artist, by a long shot, but with anything that takes skill, to improve at it, it requires lots of practice. I'm sure there are lots of tutorials on youtube that will teach you specific techniques, but beyond that, just practice practice practice :)

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