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Hey guys,


Since dedicated servers has been implemented lastly, i'm planning to rent a VPS to host a DST server for about 8 - 10 players, but got a few questions about system requirement i can't find anything about...


So I was just wondering about RAM and CPU specs :


Wiki ( states that game requires 65 MB RAM per player, which means that it's only gonna need 650 MB for 10 players, but what about Mods (Minimap HUD, Extended Indicators, display food values) ?


Wiki don't give any estimation about CPU specs, but minimum requirement for game is 1.7+ GHz, any clue about that ?


So far, does anyone can give me some tips for some good VPS providers (or at least minimum specs) ?

So far, i'm living in France, so i was just thinking about FirstHeberg (2vCore [don't know the specs yet], 2 GB RAM and best-effort on 100 Mbps), OVH or Dedizones.


What do you think about that project ? :)

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@n0wt, I am capable of hosting 2 dedicated servers (6 players each) as well as playing on a privately hosted server; without the servers having major lag. The only time it lags is when a player connects and that is a known issue Klei is working to fix with the network code.


I run these on an i7 2600k @ 4.4ghz, with 16gb of ram. My privately hosted server runs 22 mods at a single time while the dedicated servers run 1 mod for the Wild Survival server..

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but what about Mods (Minimap HUD, Extended Indicators, display food values) ?
 Minimap HUD is entirely local, so having it on the server won't do anything. The other two only work for the host, so having it on the server will just eat up some resources without doing anything useful.


Global Positions, on the other hand, has working player indicators that work for everyone.


But I think most small mods like that will have pretty negligible overhead.

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Hey dude,


Thanks for the answer, but as far as I can see, you got a kind of high end configuration, which is far away from what I can expect from a VPS ^^


Truth to be told, i can't find any piece of information about CPU specs on providers (i mean, some only states how many virtual core i'll get, but don't precise neither CPU nor number of virtual cores per CPU, so I'm nto expecting that much performance from those servers :/ )


To put it in a nutshell, i'm just looking for a cheap way to host a DST server that will always be active (so that my friends can connect to the server at any time without needing someone to host), any idea ? ^^

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