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Why can dedicated servers not operate without port forwarding?

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Hi there, 


I read the following on the wiki: 


"Dedicated Servers do not use the same punch-through technology that our client hosted servers use.  You must add proper port forwarding for your server to be reachable by game clients.  The server uses UDP traffic on port 10999 by default."


I was wondering why it would not be able to operate using the same punch through tech. 

Is this a decision that was made or is it not possible to achieve this. 


Thank you,


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My guess would be because punchthrough requires connecting to a 3rd party NAT Punchthrough service, something not really in the spirit of dedicated servers.  Dedicated servers aren't really designed to be run on someone's home computer even though that isn't uncommon.

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Hmm, can't edit. More information on punchthrough is here: http://www.jenkinssoftware.com/raknet/manual/natpunchthrough.html.  This adds a couple layers of complication and lots of additional possible points of failure that should be avoided when possible.


Well in all honesty since everyone needs to login through their service anyways, the dedicated servers would also be inaccesible on downtime as well.

It might be a good idea to do it that way to make it easier, or offer both options since they really are already doing punch through for normal sessions. But yea, if they want more experienced users to run these then I guess it does not matter that much. 

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