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On The Nerfs to Fire Damage in PvP

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Hey, so I was very pleasantly surprised to see in the 1/27/2015 patch notes that fire damage from other players was nerfed, but does anyone know exactly to what extent? I know before this nerf that fire damage did *roughly* 50 damage over its duration after being ignited. The patch notes stated something to the effect of Make fire damage done via PvP scale the same as other PvP damage. I'm assuming this means that the total damage from getting ignited by another player is just halved, like all other damage then? So, instead of taking 50 total, it'd be 25? BUT - it also states Reduce player’s burn time (and therefore damage from fire overall). How does this effect the total damage taken then? Would it be less than the assumed 25 from the damage reduction? I haven't had a chance to test this myself yet so I was just wondering if anyone knew for sure yet.



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@Scoundreya, I did some tests and fire from being struck by lightning did 24-28 damage. The PvP damage modifier is 0.5, so it should do 12-14 damage in PvP.


I think Willow may no longer be the king of PvP :grin:


YESSSS!!!!!!!! This is around what I was thinking it would be after doing some rough mental math of the nerfs, I just wanted some confirmation since I haven't played in a little while. This is such an amazing change lol! :)


The new king will be a fully "geared" up WX, I guess? hahaha!

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