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Don't Starve, A series of Sketches.

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I'm what a like to call an amateur artist, but I'm trying to improve. Here are a few Don't Starve things I've drawn lately.


A scene with Wendy getting chased by everything. A true story.


A few of my rough sketches of some DS creatures.

Please excuse the quality, for I only have a laptop camera to work with. Overtime, I shall try to improve (and maybe stop using lined paper).

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Woodie craves that morsel.




A few little doodles with a rabbit as the star. I call 'im Wabbit.
Again, please excuse this horrible camera quality. I'll keep drawing (because, heck, not much else to do.)post-584898-0-48316700-1422223981_thumb.

Wigfrid ignores the silent cries of Wes.

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Wynn is one of the characters I've made up. Her nickname is The Orphan, and she has a few abilities as well:
-Young child (Speed up, health down)

-Gets full faster (Foods give her more hunger points)
-Can befriend animals with ease (Rabbits, normal pigs, frogs, butterflies, and birds don't run/attack, but she can't attack them without losing sanity)
Anyways, Wynn protects Wabbit from Woodie's stomach.


...if Wabbit had abilities, what would they be? Hmm...

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