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  1. I've researched this topic... and from the clues I've collected, I've put up scenarios that may tell the events that happened before the first day of DS. I have ones for Willow, Wolfgang, and Wendy, although I can't be sure about these occurrences happening. I shall look into it, and edit my information accordingly.
  2. Wynn is one of the characters I've made up. Her nickname is The Orphan, and she has a few abilities as well: -Young child (Speed up, health down) -Gets full faster (Foods give her more hunger points) -Can befriend animals with ease (Rabbits, normal pigs, frogs, butterflies, and birds don't run/attack, but she can't attack them without losing sanity) Anyways, Wynn protects Wabbit from Woodie's stomach. ...if Wabbit had abilities, what would they be? Hmm...
  3. Woodie craves that morsel. A few little doodles with a rabbit as the star. I call 'im Wabbit. Again, please excuse this horrible camera quality. I'll keep drawing (because, heck, not much else to do.) Wigfrid ignores the silent cries of Wes.
  4. WX-78's sanity is looking low... he should pick some flowers or something.
  5. Willow goes on a burning spree. Someone should probably stop her... nah.
  6. When I drew them, I was trying to make them close to how they look in the game, while giving them my own personal feel. Here's Wilson, regretting that he went away from camp during the night.
  7. I'm what a like to call an amateur artist, but I'm trying to improve. Here are a few Don't Starve things I've drawn lately. A scene with Wendy getting chased by everything. A true story. A few of my rough sketches of some DS creatures. Please excuse the quality, for I only have a laptop camera to work with. Overtime, I shall try to improve (and maybe stop using lined paper).