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Category: Gameplay

Issue Title: Char. Selection and World Making

Issue Description: Hello!

So I have two issues,

for one, whenever I go to the 'Select a Character' screen, for some really weird reason whomever I click on is not the person I get. I can actually click the arrow keys, and the game will pick a character for me (Usually Wolfgang or Wickerbottom, I think, if I try to pick Willow). I usually use the arrows, then click right on the person I want.

Okay, and the other one is trying to customize my world. If I go to do that, and try to adjust a value, it will always say something like 'too many custom presets', which is really strange, because I don't have a preset, much less five of them! Then I have to reset my game, because I have to overwrite I preset I don't have, which it doesn't seem to do (but it wouldn't matter, because I can't even click values D:)

I think it might be helpful to note that I have mods, but nothing that I would think that would affect *those* sort things. All my mods are item and character related (My selection problem happens regardless, as I don't think the people with my mods have that problem either.)

Steps to Reproduce: Simple, go to the char. select screen, and choose a character. Mine goes all AWOL.

For the second one, all I do is go to the world creation screen, and it's weird for me there too. Not really sure how to explain the 'steps', my Aunt, who plays with me also, has no problems like this.


Thanks a lot, you guys are doing great :D I appreciate the hard work y'all are putting into this game :)


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  • Developer

Hmm, for the character selection, I'm not sure why it would be selecting the wrong character. I'll take a look and see if there is a navigation issue on that screen.


For the "Too Many Presets", are you selecting the "Save Presets" option in the Edit World screen, or just the "Apply" button?

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