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Spriter not creating new swap_myitem.zip?


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So i'm creating a custom handheld item but here's the problem...

Whenever i create the swap_myitem animation in spriter and save it .(so i get a swap_myitem.scml in my folder) and i start up the game it doesn't create any zipfile. Not in the 'anim' folder nor in the 'swap_myitem' folder.

I double checked everything but i can't figure it out, im new to all of this so i was hoping you wonderful people could help me out! :D

Are there any files or logs that i need to provide?


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Hmm , i created a completely new handheld item and this time everything works fine...

Strange because i used the exact same code as the previous one. :/
Anyway problem seems to be fixed...

Sorry for the topic , you can close it now.




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I had similar problem. I usually delete the scml file and start over.


Folder structure, per one tutorial is below:


--> exported\

---------> mysword\

-------------------> ground_mysword\

--------------------------> ground_mysword.png, mysword.scml, mysword.zip

-------------------> swap_mysword\

--------------------------> swap_mysword\


--------------------------> swap_mysword.scml, swap_mysword.zip

--> images\

----------> inventoryimages\

--------------------> mysword.png, mysword.xml, mysword.tex

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Thanks, so far so good on structure. By not sure how to get those .zip files to appear. Now where do you normally have your "mysword" mod folder while your working on it?


I have folder (myitem) mod on my desktop from which I work, then I copy/paste this folder into the Don't Starve Together mod folder. Then well start up DST.



Lastly, do you have to Upload your mod to steam before you can start working on the animations?

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