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[Problem! Help!] Game crash

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Hey guys,


So here I'll be describing the problem I have at the moment then I'll recap what I did from the last game I played normally to now.


The problem at the moment is that every game I play after enabling what-so-ever mod (same problem occur with every mod I use) provoke crash when exiting the game. So everytime I re-open the game Don't Starve disable all previous mod I enabled. This is particularly bad in situation like "new character" world because the game don't understand what character I was using during that world. It is also annoying for mod like Wormhole marks, Where's my beefalo and so on because I'll loose track of previous wormhole/beefalo on map. So it's like I can't enable mod for playing.


Last time I was playing with all my mods correctly. Then I started a new game in my friend's PC with a new mod character that we discovered (http://forums.kleientertainment.com/files/file/803-wisp-wynter-and-wei/) and was interested to continue it on m PC so I saved the game file from steamapp/userdata folder (just the "survival_2") and copied it into my directory where i didn't had a "survival_2". I also subscribed to this mod. The game "survival_2" was not present when I opened Don't Starve, and instead I had the problem I mentioned before.


So when I try to open the game enabling a character mod it immediatly crash. When I enable a non-character-mod the game crash on exit and all previous mods are disabled when starting Don't Starve.


What I alredy did:


- Verify the integrity of file cache

- Restarted Steam

- Restarted PC

- Unistalled the game and re-installed (still crash on exit)

- Restarted Steam

- Unsubscribed all mods

- Unistalled the game, and re-installed (still crashed on exit), so I thought there could be some other folder to unistall ..

- Unistalled the game, tried to remove all Don't Starve related folder and re-installed but still.. crash on exit

- Restarted PC .. still crash on exit


I don't actually know what to do. I tried everything that could possibly comes to my mind. I still don't get how the "game related file" was linked to this problem.


I am attaching the thread the last 2 game crashes. I don't know how to read them so if somebody more expert could give me an hand it would be really appreciated.
Playing Don't Starve without some basic mod is not an option for me and makes my game experience quite bad so I'll just wait for an help. <3





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