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I recall a discussion where it was said that Executive Terminals were not worth doing. I think this sentiment is no longer valid. At least not in context of Story Missions.


How so?


Missions take time to do. It's more beneficial to take "Executive Terminals" mission that takes 4 hours as opposed to "X" taking 14 hours. Unless you badly need that X mission type (for example: you want to upgrade your hacking programs before they become obsolete, and you have the money for it).


So, you take "Executive Terminals" mission and discover new places to go, you get money from safes and guards too, in a relatively short time. If you're lucky next desirable mission can be worth 6 or 8 hours. You're doing more for less (or roughly the same).


Something to consider.

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I believe you mean Executive Terminals.

I love 'em. I don't take them whenever I see them but I do grab them when they're nearby or on the way somewhere. I don't think I'd ever end my run with one or anything but choices - and less travel time - is never a bad thing.

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