[Client Crash] - Friend Crashes on modded games


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Bug Submission:

Category: Client Crash

Issue Title: Friend Crashes on modded games

Issue Description: My wife and kids all play DST Beta, when I started a server with a few modded characters we ran into some issues. Let me for warn you, this has me dumbfounded, it doesn't make any since.

3 of us showed in our mods folder, that we had the mods, while one of us didn't (my step daughter).

Out of the 3, one of us would get a disconnect saying they didnt have the mod (my step daughters boyfriend)

My wife, stepdaughter, and I all can see the characters at the character select screen.

My stepdaughter does not have the mods installed in her mod folder.

What I am wondering is if it has something to do with a Windows 8, or steam setting.

Please let me know if you have seen this issue before.

Steps to Reproduce: I am not entirely sure.

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@RedRock911, The most common reason for a disconnect due to missing mods is that the server's version of the mod is out of date. So make sure you open up your mods menu before hosting (that's what makes it update all your mods).


But who crashed, and what did it say when they crashed? If you could provide a screenshot of the crash and/or the log.txt from the person who crashed (right after that crash, relaunching the game will overwrite it), that would probably help.


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