[Programming Request] Digi-Jacks For Jack's Body Double mod


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Welp, I've played an ARG for it and all on the steam workshop, but now that i've got his art and everything else done, I find programming to not be my forte... Now then, I got bored, and sick of how people pan my earlier works, so I made a mod of Jack's Body Double.





His planned perks are:


He can summon Digi-Jacks that function similarly to Maxwell's shadow puppets. Unlike the shadow puppets, they have no penalty on Jack's sanity, as well as more health. They follow Jack until they die or 2.5 in game days pass. He can only have 2 on the field as opposed to 3 for Maxwell.


To summon them, I'm planning he will have a button on screen, similar to a mod I saw that allows Woodie to turn into a werebeaver manually, by pressing a button.

When pressed he will spawn 2 Digi-Jacks, and the button will gray out and become unusable.

Once both the Digi-Jacks die, or despawn from being alive too long, a cooldown will start of 1 in game day, where Jack will announce he can now summon Digi-Jacks again once the cooldown finishes.


This essentially makes Jack able to summon Digi-Jacks without resources.


The button will be labelled "Expendable Assets"


It'll essentially imitate how the player uses action skills in the borderlands games


I've essentially already gotten the digijacks to sort of work by just modding code of the shadow puppets, but getting them to spawn (the ones in the pic are debugspawned) is what I need done. (I also made some prefab (though a little untested) called jackwatch just to summon them like the codex umbra, in the final it will not be needed if jack can summon them with a button)


Jack needs to always have this perk, making it an inventory item means he can lose it.


I know it may seem a bit overpowered, but I'm still thinking of ways to balance him out.


As far as translating the code into don't starve together, I dunno, just worry about it when the time comes


He also has a lower maximum sanity, and suffers the same sanity loss rate as Wolfgang


Let me know if you're up to programming these for me, get Jack here



Hit me up on steam if you decide to follow through so I can steamchat and help better (post a comment on my profile first saying you've sent an invite to work on the digijacks)



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Sorry, send another friend invite, ye didn't post a comment on my steam profile first, and well I kinda habitually reject friend invites unless someone states in a comment, mainly because i've been invite spammed by hackbots and fanbrats of my old gmod works begging for playermodels as of late.

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