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Bug Submission:

Category: Gameplay

Issue Title: Abigail Beardlings

Issue Description: When playing with Wendy, if I'm insane (with red wavy lines coming from the edges of the screen + beardlings replace rabbits), I should kill beardlings and have nightmare fuel, monster meat, or beard hair drop. However, if Abigail is near me (which she probably is) and kills the beardling before I can finish it off, the drop is a morsel, as if it had been a rabbit.

Steps to Reproduce: 1) Summon Abigail

2) Go insane (see beardlings)

3) Get Abigail to finish off a rabbit

4) Pick up morsel

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Oh, wow, that's an interesting edge case. I guess the solution would probably be to check if the death cause was non-player, and if so, if it had a leader that was a player?


Although on the other hand it's kind of cool how now it reinforces that it's your character being the crazy one :p

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