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[Gameplay] can't stop sleeping

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Hello ,

In my last play my character (webber) can't stop sleeping in a tent (the day had begun) and began to loose health i must stop th server i hosted and restart to go out of the tent.
I use DST character , extended indicator , and extended map generation mods .

for the steps to reproduce , i don't know how .
i use don't used the last version but the one before .

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@nikeypackfan, This was a bug in DST RoG Characters. The build I just pushed should've fixed it.


Basically it happened because I ended up replacing the Wilson stategraph in order to fix sounds that just didn't seem to want to be remapped. I knew it would bite me at some point, and one of the last hotfixes changed how sleeping is handled in the stategraphs, so my mod broke that.


In the new version I have a better set of workarounds for the sounds that will hopefully prevent future such occurrences.

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@outseeker, I think the weirdness stemmed from using the RoG sound files and trying to remap to that. For unknown reasons it worked to remap things to the talk_LP sounds, but not to hurt or death_voice. I managed to get around it with a more minimal and less invasive approach, though (hurtsoundoverride and a small edit with AddStategraphPostInit).


I did mention it to Peter, but it's understandably not a priority (and it shouldn't be, there are many more important things to get in!).


In case someone else runs into the issue of sounds not remapping properly, I've left some notes in my code where it was happening, but my guess is that if you're supplying custom sounds it'll work fine for you.


Here's the code that wasn't working:

--Remapping all their sounds to the RoG sound file-- hopefully this is more robust than my prior method of replacing the SGwilson and SGwilson_ghost--For some reason this doesn't work for any non-talk_LP remappings... so I'm keeping the SGs, ughlocal dsc = "dontstarve/characters/"local dsrogc = "dontstarve_DLC001/characters/"-- Example of this kind of remap mysteriously not working-- RemapSoundEvent("dontstarve/characters/wathgrithr/hurt", "dontstarve_DLC001/characters/wathgrithr/hurt")for k,v in pairs({'wathgrithr', 'webber'}) do	-- print('remap sound:',v)	RemapSoundEvent(dsc..v.."/death_voice",					dsrogc..v.."/death_voice")	RemapSoundEvent(dsc..v.."/hurt",					dsrogc..v.."/hurt")	RemapSoundEvent(dsc..v.."/talk_LP",					dsrogc..v.."/talk_LP")	RemapSoundEvent(dsc..v.."/emote",					dsrogc..v.."/talk_LP")	RemapSoundEvent(dsc..v.."/ghost_LP",					dsrogc..v.."/talk_LP")end
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@rezecib, thanks mate I'm always interested in trying to learn some more :)

I find myself scratching my head over why that code wouldn't work, but then again I do that all the time with even the most basic stuff sometimes haha

I think the new approach does sound better and "safer" though- kudos, sir!

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