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Custom Weapon not going back to correct inventory slot?


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My custom weapon is not going back to the inventory slot it is in when I unequip it, instead it is going into my piggyback. I am not sure why, can someone please take a look at my code?


Any ideas on why it is doing this? I am so confused...




EDIT: Does it have anything to do with the piggybacks code? I feel as if an item goes in there, it is... cursed to constantly go back in there after it has gone in there once. I am using the RPG HUD all in one, let me grab the code.


NOTE: This is NOT my code, I do not want to take credit for something I have not done. The code belongs ot the author of the RPG HUD mod.




Anyone? :c

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I have experienced this with "not quiet" tools (such as the cane), as the game doesn't recognize them as tools and thus orders them differently. Did you try to distinctly put it into a slot before equipping it (maybe using right-click)?


Sadly yes, I have tried everything. It seems to me that if it has gone in the piggyback, it will always go back to it. I am going to do further testing today and attempt to clean up some code and see if that fixes anything, doubtful but hey, maybe I can pinpoint it? *shrugs*

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