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In graveyards, if you stay too long at night, zombies spawn in graves that haven't been dug up, if you are bitten by one (not the basic attack, they have to charge it up) your health slowly drains. But don't fear! When you make a new game, you can find the zombie of you and kill it, it is stronger depending on the gear you had but you get the gear back when it dies.

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I'll save the moderators the trouble and tell you, the majority of people on this forum feel zombies are over used and have lost the "scare factor" that the DEVs are looking for. It's not that no one likes zombies it's just no one can see them fitting into the game well, that's all. You did add a bit of a twist having zombie yourself spawn but dropping all your stuff from the previous game would make it all to easy to survive in your new game.

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