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Found 5 results

  1. Zombie Wes secret character transformation you know you want it. (Now with Shadow Wilson!) post real stats fake stats have fun with it even post unlock methods post art all for zombie Wes support! (and Shadow Wilson)
  2. I had two duplicants die in an ice biome, but at the time I only found one of them. Many many cycles later I saw this: So I quickly prioritised her rescue but once she was free I noticed that Ellie wasn't...exactly...herself: Apart from having zero health and breath, and well, being 'rotten', all she does all day is climb up and down that ladder. Maybe she's more of a ghost than a zombie, haunting the other duplicants in the place where they let her die?!
  3. I think the demon should spwan on a special island that spwans in every map and is always a island. On day ____ he would spwan and the gate (the death gate that keeps early weaklings from entering) would open letting the strong warriors in. He would drop what ever the creators of Don't Starve what him to drop, I hope you liked my idea and also let me know your ideas I would love to see them.
  4. ORES: I don't mean a huge variety, just iron and coal as well as a furnace and anvil* which would create the opportunity to craft a sword and armor as well as a whole new area of crafting. This would be done by using the hammer** on the furnace and anvil giving it more purpose opposed to deconstruction. *Furnace and anvil should be a single item like the science machine and alchemy engine **The hammer could be used as a weapon when in hand and essential to use the furnace/anvil set **I saw in another post suggesting Ctrl+Click to deconstruct, this should be so if my idea is used SHOES/BOOTS: A shoe/boot slot could be added in the space between the equipped item and the inventory bar. Perhaps they could make you run faster or add a small def boost when made crafted using ores as I mentioned above. Something like dress shoes could be crafted by using 2 pig skin (leather) and 4 spider silk (laces and stitching). ZOMBIES: What is a horror survival game without zombies? Zombies, like spiders, can have a warrior class that is faster or stronger (or both) than the average zombie. They will drop monster meat and on occasion a random item that is found within the graves (gnome, tub stop, amulet). I had some other ideas but I can't remember them at this moment. I am open to any suggestions and criticism of my ideas, help improve upon them.
  5. In graveyards, if you stay too long at night, zombies spawn in graves that haven't been dug up, if you are bitten by one (not the basic attack, they have to charge it up) your health slowly drains. But don't fear! When you make a new game, you can find the zombie of you and kill it, it is stronger depending on the gear you had but you get the gear back when it dies.